PTXdist: Schon gewusst? Heute: Mal eben neu booten

Jürgen Borleis | | PTXdist, DidYouKnow

Wer während der Entwicklung an einem embedded System selbiges immer wieder mal komplett neu starten muss, wird es zu schätzen wissen, wenn so wenig wie möglich getan werden muss, um bei veränderten Daten das System im konsistenten Zustand zu halten.

DistroKit - A Playground BSP for PTXdist

Robert Schwebel | | PTXdist, DistroKit

At Pengutronix we are using PTXdist to automatically integrate many industrial embedded Linux projects. Some time ago I started DistroKit: This example BSP shall be able to demonstrate PTXdist features.

PTXdist: Schon gewusst? Heute: Das Entwicklerleben verschönern

Jürgen Borleis | | PTXdist, DidYouKnow

Es gibt Dinge, die machen das Leben als Entwickler einfacher - und schöner. Hier dazu ein Beispiel.

OSADL Networking Day 2017

Robert Schwebel | | osadl, rauc

In the last talk before lunch, my colleague Enrico Jörns talked about the RAUC (Robust Auto Update Controller) framework.

RAUC v0.1.1 released

Robert Schwebel | | rauc

RAUC is making progress, and my colleagues Enrico Jörns and Jan Lübbe finally pushed out a new release today that reflects what happened during the last months. Updating embedded linux systems in the field in a secure and robust way becomes more and more important; we had many interesting talks with our customers during the last time, and some of the new ideas are already finding their way into the codebase. However, there is still a lot of work ahead, and if you have more ideas, either drop us a note on the community channels, send patches or github pull requests, or ask for commercial help!

labgrid: Test Automation Framework Released

Robert Schwebel | | labgrid

At Pengutronix, one of the most important tasks in our industrial linux projects is testing of embedded systems. While testing is easy on the component level (there are many unit test frameworks around), it is increasingly difficult on system level. Tests do not only run code and compare results, they need to bring the device-under-test into different states (i.e. "bootloader", "linux console", "power off"). If you have many embedded Linux devices, remote-controlling power, serial consoles, network, switches, reset lines, SD cards in scalable, automatic labs is also on the wishlist.

Chemnitz Linux Days 2017

Robert Schwebel | | conference, clt, etnaviv, rauc, labgrid

In the first talk today, Michael Tretter reports about the current state of Open Source Graphics for Embedded Systems. For regular observers, it's probably not surprising that the focus will be on i.MX6, Etnaviv and the IPU.

Pengutronix Contributions to v4.10

Robert Schwebel | | kernel

Here is a short report about Pengutronix' contributions to the 4.10 kernel. It mainly contains more improvements for the i.MX6 graphics and video subsystem, Etnaviv, Marvell Orion and Altera SoCFPGA.

ELC Europe 2016, Berlin

At the ELC Europe 2016 in Berlin our colleagues Jan Lübbe and Mark Kleine-Budde are talking about two interesting and important presentations about Kernel longterm maintenance strategies and verified boot.

Embedded World 2010

Jan Lübbe |